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Anja Turner is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Music and the stage have always been at the center of Anja’s life. She has been singing and writing songs from a young age and has had professional training in music for eight years. For the past 6 years, she has honed and developed her artistry at Studio Cha, which specializes in vocal coaching and artist development.

Anja has performed on numerous stages, ranging from charity events to restaurants/pubs and even musical productions such as “Father and Son” at the Barnyard Theatre. Besides Music Anja is also a talented actress. She has trained in the dramatic arts for 4 years and has performed in numerous small productions such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Into the Woods’ where she was cast in the lead role of Cinderella. Anja loves the world of dance and was taught for 3 years under the instruction of the Beverly Hammond School of Dance. As a songwriter, she is writing and developing her own original songs.

Anja is currently studying Honours in Biochemistry and completed her BSc Chemistry at the University of Pretoria. She hopes to endeavor a career, where her passion for the arts and science can walk hand in hand. She is passionate about also developing her cosmetic and fragrance line.

Anja is hard-working, passionate, and strives for excellence in all her endeavors. She is a young spirit, with an old soul. She is sociable and loves interacting with people. She is excited to share her story and experiences with the people that cross her path.

New Releases

Bohemian Rhapsody – by Anja Turner 2021

Anja Turner
Anja Turner
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Anja Turner Like a Fool
Anja Turner
All I want
Anja Turner All I want
Anja Turner
Spiders Web
Anja Turner Spiders Web
Anja Turner
Jar of Hearts
Anja Turner Jar of Hearts
Anja Turner
Paint it Black
Anja Turner Paint it Black
Anja Turner
Piece by Piece
Anja Turner Piece by Piece
Anja Turner
Piece by Piece
Anja Turner Piece by Piece
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